How to Use AceProject

As a Virtual Assistant trainee, this is supposed to be my last how-to instructional guide. However, I promise that I will not stop making such, as long as I get to learn about new tools and applications that I come across with.

I am quite excited about this last how-to guide that I’ve made because it is such a useful tool. I mean, it helps you manage:

  • Projects,
  • The tasks associated with each project,
  • Assign each task or project to a team member,
  • Use the built in timer,
  • Expenses, and
  • Reports

And that’s only what I have learned so far!

So without further ado, let me introduce to you my last training module as a Virtual Assistant trainee: “How to Use AceProject.”


How to Use Toggl

So, yeah, I have been absent for quite some time since I decided to have a Sabbatical to deal with personal stuff. I know! I’ve been away for far too long and I apologize for it especially to my avid supporters!

But I am back (with a huge grin on my face)!

First of all, I would like to thank my readers and subscribers! Your support is very much encouraging and heart-warming! I feel very happy that these projects of mine are actually helping a lot of people around the world. More power to all of you!

Now, down to the reason why I am posting a blog…

I have made another tutorial for everyone, which I had been able to finish about 2 months ago but unfortunately, haven’t been able to post in this blog until now.

This one is particularly useful to those who plan to make a career from doing online work. It is also useful to those who are quite OC (obsessive-compulsive) – a bit like me! Haha! Yes, I am talking about an online time tracking tool.

In this tutorial, you will learn the basics of using Toggl.

I hope as usual, that this will help you in any way possible. Here it goes then.

How To Use Spybot

I have always accepted the fact that my interests lie more on the process side than of the technical side so I’ve always just relied on my life partner to be my techie stuff go-to guy. However, training to be a virtual assistant as I am, I have – no, I need to be prepared for a technical battle on my own somehow. So again, I pushed myself to learn about something that will help me on the road to success.

Did you know that some antivirus softwares are not equipped to detect spywares? And that spywares are those ugly buggers who creep into your computers to literally spy on you? I mean, they are capable of gathering information about you and yours with what you input using your computer through the internet. Nasty things huh? 

Since I’m preparing myself for more of a lifetime of loving my computer and the internet, I just had to be properly equipped with the knowledge and the tools that will give me security. Therefore, I chose to learn about Spybot.

Spybot will help you protect your personal computer from viruses and the silently vicious spywares.

Without further ado, I present to you: How to Use Spybot


How To Use FreshBooks

So here I am again with another tutorial. My avid readers already know by now that I choose to make tutorials about those web applications which I know almost nothing about which means I pretty much make them specifically for beginners – like me.

I haven’t done any accounting applications yet so it’s just high time I did one. I had to research on something that I know I would use for a long time. And since I am a beginner at this, I prefer to get something that provides convenience for free.

On choosing an application, I made sure to select an accounting application with the following criteria:

  • It has to be free (as I mentioned earlier)
  • It has to be able to let me create an invoice
  • It has to be able to send out email reminders that an invoice is due for payment
  • And, it has to have the capability of tracking my working hours

I found it challenging to find such an application since most offer these services for a fee. A fair price but still for a fee. Thankfully, I was successful because I found FreshBooks after more than an hour of research, I think.

Along the way of my self-study about FreshBooks, I found out that:

  • It is not only an accounting application that’s convenient for online workers but for entrepreneurs as well
  • You can use it as an employer/client or an employee/product & service provider
  • You can use it to take care of almost all your accounting needs!

And now, excited as I am to share my new-found knowledge, I present to you: How to Use FreshBooks

How To Use Dropbox

And here I am again with my next project. I didn’t know there were so much online storage space out there which you can use for free!

I mean, it was just a few days back that I learned about Google Drive and Evernote and shared my new-found knowledge to all of you. And this time, I’m sharing my new-found knowledge to you about Dropbox.

I love the capabilities of Evernote but Dropbox is also great as it is. (I first found out about Dropbox while trying to send an attachment using my Yahoo! mail account and found it useful but at that time, I haven’t really started learning about it yet so I couldn’t appreciate it as much as I do now.)

Google Drive and Dropbox are almost the same in my opinion. Both are convenient, secured and just plain great. 

What’s even greater is that if you have multiple email addresses, you can link new accounts to each giving you more space to work with.

And obviously, I can’t stop raving about it. Haha!

Anyway, I hope, as always, that you learn much from the tutorial I made. Don’t forget to “like” my post, comment for questions and clarifications, and even follow my blog as I still have a few more helpful stuff to blog about anyway.

I now present to you: How to Use Dropbox

How To Use Evernote

Again, I challenged myself with learning about an online tool I have never heard of before. Why haven’t I heard it before? Cause I honestly am not a naturally techie person so I haven’t naturally been looking into these awesome online tools/apps before. Until I’ve been exposed to being a VA trainee.

Now, I would say that I have been blessed to do these. Not a naturally techie person aside, I’m a person who still naturally crave learning. So, I’m pretty much enjoying these projects of mine actually. 🙂

I pre-planned my projects a week or so back. And I saw that in my Google Calendar, that my project for yesterday was about Evernote. I started checking on their website and learning about the ins and outs. Then I checked a little bit on what some of my fellow bloggers have to say about it too. Apparently, my life partner has also been using it for quite some time. All my research gave me this itch to to try it out immediately.

And so, I did. I found it wonderfully convenient and even brilliant too! You might think I’m a person easily amused – and I admit it! Haha!

With that said, I present to you – with all of my research and on-hand learning efforts – a tutorial I made on How To Use Evernote



How to Use Google Forms

When I immersed myself in learning about Google Forms, I was quite surprised to find out how very interesting it is for me. I find it very useful for a lot of things such as planning for events, creating a business order form, planning for a project, making a simple list and so much more!

When I started my self-study about it, I did not at all know anything about Google Forms. And since it’s such a user-friendly app (kudos to the Google team!), I found it quite easy to learn about and love.

I am surely going to start using this every chance that I get! Haha!

Regarding this tutorial, you can expect that, again, as with most if not all of the tutorials I make, it is for beginners – those who have never heard of Google Forms in their lives. The tutorial discusses Google Forms’ background briefly and how to start using it. It also discusses how to navigate through the said application.

As always, I hope that this tutorial may come useful to my readers. Happy learning!


With that said, may I present to you – How to Use Google Forms